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SAP Marketing On-Prem/Cloud

* SAP Hybris Marketing has been renamed as SAP Marketing after SAPPHIRE 2018.

SAP Marketing empowers your business to understand your customers’ needs and to engage with them intelligently: nudging them towards purchase instead of distracting them.

With SAP Marketing, you can build dynamic profiles of your customers and use them to gain deep insights to align with both their needs and market trends.

Deliver personalized experiences in real-time, increasing conversion rates and gaining loyalty.

Gain real-time transparency into the performance of your marketing plans, giving you the agility to change, track and seize new opportunities.

Take advantage of high-performance segmentation tools and react to the customer’s context in real-time to make sure your communications are always targeted and relevant.

Encourage your customers to move easily from browsing to buying by understanding their needs and offering them a personalized shopping experience. Effectively manage all your marketing activities to make sure they’re on track, on budget and working towards a common business objective.

Optimize your marketing campaigns with real-time insights into their performance, and gain the knowledge you need to seize new opportunities

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